Go Big with Advertising Balloons

You’ve seen those huge balloons sitting on top the roof of a business or on the ground in a parking lot? Well, so have your customers! They can’t miss them! Advertising balloons draw customers in and get the attention of everyone passing by your location. Having a grand opening? An advertising balloon will get the word out – they promote your offers with round-the-clock advertising.

At 20 – 24 ft. in height, these huge balloon shaped inflatables have a continual blower and a custom painted banner. At Hype Advertising & Promotions, we brand your advertising balloon to your colors, theme or brand. No generic colors here!

Looking for something to really make a statement? Pair an advertising balloon with some pennant strings and advertising flags. Give everyone passing by a reason to get hyped up!

Hype Advertising & Promotions handles design, installation and service of advertising balloons for customers all across the country and we can help you too. Give us a call or submit a request form today to see what advertising balloons, advertising flags, tube dancers and pennant strings can do for your business!