Cloudbusters: Use the Real Estate Above your Location

What’s the one thing that can attract attention to your business, even from miles away? A set of cloudbusters! These oversized, giant, helium filled balloons sail high in the sky and attract a crowd quickly and without shouting from the rooftops.

At roughly 36” in diameter, cloudbusters are large enough to be seen from a distance and are available in a variety of colors. They’re made of chloroprene, so these jumbo helium balloons are durable and resist breaking in the hot sun. They are attached by a 100 ft. long pennant string to add a punch of color and boost the visibility even higher!

Paired with an advertising flag or advertising balloon, they are the ultimate attention grabber. For a cost effective, yet high impact solution to add to your location, consider these oversized helium balloons. Give the experts at Hype Advertising & Promotions a call today to find out more about cloudbusters or to get a free quote!