Tube Dancers: tube dudes, air dancers – they don’t care what you call ’em as long as you SEE THEM!

These tall, dancing tubes get lots of attention… and for good reason! Their crazy antics are just the thing to delight your customers while drawing them into your business.

Ranging in size from 10’ to over 18’ in height, tube dancers are the tall solution for getting customers to stop and see what your business has to offer. At Hype Advertising & Promotions, we describe these hair raising tubes as taking up height, but not width. They are ideal for any space where you have less real estate space to work with.

Made of heavy duty rip stop nylon, tube dancers are made to last – greatly reducing your chances of being faced with a rip in the middle of your promotion! Plus they’re fade resistant, so you have a durable outdoor advertising product to use again and again.

The next time you need something bold, colorful and unusual, consider a tube dancer for your next event. Give the experts at Hype Advertising & Promotions a call to get a free quote today!