Custom Inflatables: Larger than Life Replicas Designed for You

Wow! A huge inflatable cup or giant replica of your logo – It’s eye catching, attracts a crowd and gets your customers attention faster than you can say “Sale!”

Custom inflatables range from 8 ft. to 50 ft tall (or even larger!). They are created specifically for your brand with the colors, design specs and theme you envision. You bring the idea, we bring it to life.

For grand openings or sales, a custom inflatable gets your business the foot traffic you want and boosts your brand awareness at the same time. Dreaming of a larger than life replica of your brand’s mascot? We can make it happen!

With so many ideas out there, how do you bring yours to life without breaking the bank in the process? You give us a call or send us an email – the experts at Hype Advertising & Promotions are here to help!